The Credit ABC’s: How to Maintain Good Credit

How to Maintain Good Credit

Over the years I’ve noticed clients with great credit have similar habits, habits which I also employ myself. If you want to maintain good credit throughout your lifetime, I’m convinced these 5 tips will help you do just that.

Tips to Build and Maintain Good Credit

  1. Make your payments on time, or early. Obvious yes, but also necessary to establish a history of credit reliability.
  2. Allow your credit to age. If you have accounts in good standing, keep them open! These accounts help establish consistency in your credit history.
  3. Keep your credit card balances low. Any balance over 50% of your limit adversely affects your score.
  4. Payoff derogatory accounts. If you do get a collection or judgment, be sure to payoff and close that account as quickly as possible.
  5. Monitor your credit. It’s wise to check your credit every six months to ensure mistakes aren’t present that will hurt your scores.

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