Mortgage Rates Declining

PMMS Chart - decline in mortgage interest rates
Decline in mortgage rates


Freddie Mac published data on Thursday reflecting the decline in mortgage interest rates to a seven-week low amid economic uncertainty.

The 30-year fixed-rate averaged 3.89% while the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 3.16%.

It’s possible that mortgage rates could continue to hold at low levels in the near term.

The major factors that determine what interest rate a borrower ultimately receives include but aren’t limited to credit score, loan-to-value amount and property type.

I always ensure that my clients understand how mortgage interest rates work. There is a misconception that you can only obtain the interest rate that the lender offers you. In many cases you can buy down the interest to lower it or take a higher rate to obtain a lender credit that can help alleviate some of the burden of bringing in cash to close your loan.

In any case, it is important to consult with a mortgage expert on what interest rate scenario makes the most sense for your home purchase or refinance scenario.

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Invest or Pay off Your Mortgage? A Case Study

Invest, or pay off your mortgage? It’s a common question when a homeowner finds himself with extra cash.

I love this article about a real scenario concerning a homeowner with a chunk of money, and whether or not to pay it off. Many factors come into play here including age, other debts, income, retirement, and more. If you find yourself in a scenario like this your financial advisor is a great place to start, but when it comes to your specific mortgage questions, call me! The most satisfying part of my job is helping my clients to make sound financial decisions when it comes to their mortgage. I love to see homeowners on track to financial freedom. Let me know how I can help you today!

Invest or pay off your mortgage?

Seattle: Warm Weather and Hotter Real Estate

This Seattle Times article, packed with interactive and informative info graphics, highlights the real estate market phenomenon occurring in the Puget Sound area. Check out the “House sales by sub market” tool to see the data specific to your area.

After a record breaking spring, King County had its hottest month of July since monthly records began in 2000 with prices growing more than $100,000 in just a year.

This may be a harsh milestone for buyers but is opening up new doors for those looking at refinancing to drop costly monthly mortgage insurance or tap into the newfound equity to consolidate debt or make upgrades to their home. Interest rates continue to remain at historically low levels but may start to increase as we close out 2017.

King County home prices grow $100,000 in a year for first time; West Bellevue jumps 41 percent