Mission nearly impossible this spring: finding a home to buy

Here is an excellent article that discusses the major factors involved in the decline in homes for sale that we are seeing in today’s real estate market. The article also makes specific mention of Seattle and how a dwindling supply of homes has escalated the competition and increased pressure on buyers to offer more money and accept less favorable terms.

Mission nearly impossible: finding a home to buy

Happy Birthday Navy Chief Petty Officers!

To most Americans, April 1st is a day of play, finding creative ways to trick their friends and family.  On the same day of every year since 1893, United States Navy Chief Petty Officers have used this day to remember those who have served and are currently serving the world’s finest Navy.  Regarded as the birth of the rank of Chief Petty Officer, Navy Chiefs around the world take the time to celebrate and honor 124 years of Leadership and keeping Navy tradition alive.  Cheers to my brothers and sisters!  To read about 10 interesting facts about the Navy Chief Petty Officer, click here.

Tax Time and Your Mortgage

Hello Friends!

I am so excited about our new website, and our ability to better connect with you through blogging! With the tax deadline just around the corner, what better topic for my first post?

If you have a mortgage there are a few things you need every year when you file your taxes, but when you make changes to your mortgage, that documentation can change. If you made one of the following changes last year, here’s a quick look at what you’ll need. Continue reading “Tax Time and Your Mortgage”