How to catch a break with your credit card

Asking credit card companies to lower rates and fees works 80% of the time

Credit cards can be great tools when they are used responsibly. Aside from earning points and rewards they often provide extra insurance on things like rental cars and cell phones. They are often necessary when booking hotels and vacations and can be very useful in managing monthly bills. However, the opposite can become true when balances accrue and payments aren’t made on time. Credit card debt and late payments can become a major hurdle when trying to qualify for a mortgage. Here’s a wonderful article from CNBC that talks about how to ask the right questions to your credit card company and get your rate and fees lowered, and it works 80% of the time.

Mill Creek Garden Club

Mill Creek, WA is privileged to have an outstanding group of volunteers who work to make Mill Creek beautiful throughout the year. These volunteers work our many projects and donate countless hours making Mill Creek a visually appealing community. Recently the Mill Creek Town Center Business Association agreed to work in partnership with the Mill Creek Garden Club to add and maintain large planters throughout the Mill Creek Town Center. Check out the Mill Creek Garden Club’s website to learn more or get involved.

Misconceptions about VA Home Loans

Just the other day I was talking with a friend who was surprised that I was able help them with a VA approved home loan.  This brought to light that some service members have a misconception that VA loans can only be done by banks like Navy Federal Credit Union or USAA.  FACT: We can help qualified members use their VA home loan benefit.  To read about more myths pertaining to VA home loans click here .

What happens when you don’t file your taxes?

What Happens When You Don’t File Your Taxes?

The deadline to file taxes is quickly approaching and I’ve often been asked what happens if you don’t file. Along with making it more difficult to qualify your income for a mortgage, here is a quick read about some of the consequences of not filing your taxes that you may not realize.